Your dating personality profile

It could be riding your fixed gear bike, heading out for a run, reading the paper in your favorite café.

Think about where you feel most ‘you’ and then head there with your photographer.

Our personality test begins your ELITESINGLES journey and serves to create the profile we use to introduce you to other suitable members.

By creating an overall picture of your personality, the completed test feeds into our smart profiling system and will help narrow your search and help you find those who suit you best.

I’m hoping you’ve followed Steve Mize’s great advice so you should have some excellent quality photos that are well lit and in focus.

Straightaway this gives women the message that you are serious about finding someone online.

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Yet the influence of personality is evident in many realms of life, such as career choice, health status, and lifestyle.The five major traits are: These traits are genetically based.They tend to crystallize in early adulthood and remain more or less stable thereafter.Later theories linked personality to date of birth, skull shape, and body structure, but these ideas have failed to find empirical support.A more solid and scientifically supported theory of personality emerged in the 1980s.