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* World Map - Locate cities on the map, view day / night status. If any of u guyz check it and perform currency update... * Currencies Converter - Convert sums in 3 currencies at once, get updated rates online . Have u guyz used the Worldmate 1.25P2 It works absolutely fine.. after update upload the following file here, from your phone: C:\Documents\Worldmate\Keep updating, thx!! If any of u guyz check it and perform currency update... You have answer just two posts up: "First you have to install v1.25 and then overwrite it with v2.20" - and you have registered version. Just install direct v2.2, no need to install old version and upgrade, it works for me. Today, as I head to Bali, I have all my flights and accommodation locked and loaded in the one place on the Worldmate app on my phone.Estimated read time: 4 minutes Post type : Non Affiliate product recommended by WFA, we only recommend products and services based on our user experience or solid research.World Mate is the ultimate traveler mobile-companion - access global weather, world clocks, currency conversion services, day/night map, & much more right from your phone! Take World Mate with you - FREE DEVICE CHANGE SERVICE! Features: * World Clocks - Compare 4 world clocks from over 250 cities to your home time, Automatic Daylight Saving Time calculation.You can transfer your World Mate service from one device to another at no additional charge. * Weather Forecasts - 5-day forecasts from The Weather Channel for over 250 cities worldwide.

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Can we call it a competitor to Trip Advisor and other leading itinerary planners from the store? World Mate is a class apart, and you'll probably begin to love it right from the start. Although my experience with travel planners is limited, one consistent characteristic I've noted is bloat.World Mate is able to parse confirmation emails from over a hundred travel agencies, airlines, hotel chains, and car rental agencies.Once it has automatically pieced together all of your trip details and stored key data such as confirmation numbers, phone numbers and seat numbers, the itinerary is synced over-the-air to the i Phone app.Just grab your calendar feed to sync your trip plans with your calendar of choice.Many different applications support i Cal, including Apple i Cal (i Phone and i Pad), Google Calendar (Android and Gmail), Microsoft Outlook, Sunrise Calendar, and more.