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While you're probably keen to leave that Sugababes lyric and ~*//t Yp In G Li Ke Th Is\~*_ in the past where it belongs, Tech Crunch reports that Facebook are actually keen to bring message boards and chat rooms back into our lives. According to TC, someone noticed something new in Facebook's code which hinted that they might be introducing a "Rooms" function, which basically acts as a public group chat and allows users to interact with others about different topics and get involved in multiple discussions.

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LONDON – Microsoft said Wednesday it would shut down its Internet chat rooms in 28 countries, saying the forums had become a haven for peddlers of junk e-mail and sex predators."The straightforward truth of the matter is free, unmoderated chat isn't safe," said Geoff Sutton, European general manager of Microsoft MSN.

The decision has triggered a heated debate among free speech advocates, children's rights groups and Microsoft rivals about the proper way to police online forums, which predate the Web itself and have been critical to the Internet's growth as a mass medium."It's a signal that some of the joyful early days of the Internet have moved on a bit.

Chat was one of those things that was a bit hippie-ish. But a small minority have changed that for everyone. Microsoft said it would begin alerting users to the changes later this week.