Ron and hermione dating fanfiction

Hermione pulled a face, took a step back, and reluctantly pecked Greg on the cheek. She walked quickly toward the door, "Goodnight," she said quickly. She did not want this guy to know what number apartment she lived in so she was trying to keep him from inviting himself upstairs."I'd like to see you again," he said right as she reached the door. With her hand still on the door handle she turned around and said as fast as she could, "You are a very nice guy, and it was kind of you to invite me to dinner but I just don't feel anything between us and I feel it would be a waste of my time and your money for us to see each other again. Goodnight."And before he could retaliate Hermione ran into the building and shut the door hurriedly. She climbed the two flights of stairs up to the apartment she shared with Ginny. She walked through the small kitchen to the slightly bigger living room to find Harry and Ron sitting on the floor around the coffee table playing cards with her roommate."Back so soon?

What she'd just said Greg was now an inch from her face with his eyes closed and his lips puckered out. That had been the third horribly disastrous date she'd been on in the past two weeks.

And find out if what she was looking for was right under her nose the whole time. I got the idea for this and I couldn't stop myself. Disclaimer: I don't own any of the Harry Potter characters and no money is being made for me writing this fic. This guy was a pretty boy.""Yeah, and Krum was a great ugly oaf," Ron said."He was not! He's very cute, and nice."Ron turned and glared at his sister."I don't know…" Hermione answered hesitantly."Come on," Ginny insisted. At least at the joke shop I can do whatever I want when I'm not stocking or when I don't have customers."Hermione sighed. Mungo's," he said."You could if you wanted to," she said."I'm hungry," Ron stated abruptly bringing the argument to an end, putting down his cards."You're hungry," Ginny murmured. She found some brownies and brought them to the living room.

Hermione smirked and Harry looked at them with a confused face.

Don't worry, I'm still going to be writing on all of my fics. Also, I got the idea for the name of the fic from the ABC Family movie Chapter 1: What is with that lettuce? " Hermione said, chucking a potato chip at her friend from the bowl on the table."Fine, fine," Ron said laughing."You know what, Hermione? "He's great and he's really sweet.""Okay, okay," Hermione said sighing. Hermione went to her room which was to the right off the living room. You could've at least got a job at the Ministry.""Anything's better than that! "You could do so much better than that, Ron.""So, I keep hearing from you and my mum…repeatedly," he retorted."Well, we're right! Ron smiled when he saw them."Thanks," he mumbled thickly through a mouthful as he bit into one."You're welcome," she answered.

Hermione sat across from the blond haired guy that she was on a date with. "But if I have to listen to him ramble on about how great he is at filing papers at the Ministry while having to focus on a piece of food in his teeth, I swear I'll strangle the red out of your hair."Ginny laughed. She changed into a night shirt and her favorite pajama bottoms which had tiny spell books on them. She sipped on her butterbeer and stared across the room.

She was pretending to be listening to him talk but she just couldn't take her eyes, or her concentration, off the little piece of lettuce that had set up camp right between his two front teeth. She sat down in the floor next to Ron and began shuffling the cards. Hermione tapped her fork rhythmically on her plate. It was Saturday afternoon (a week since her horrid date with Mr.

She rested her chin on her right hand and sat her elbow on the table. Ginny returned with a new bottle of butterbeer for herself and a bottle for Hermione."So, how's your dating life, Harry? All I do is stand there all day is sell stuff in Fred and George's shop.""Well, you didn't to work there," Hermione said, taking a card from the deck and scratching Crookshanks behind the ears. I'm-the-best-Quidditch-player-in-the-world) and she was waiting on Ginny's co-worker, Parker, was supposed to meet her for their lunch date.