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The peninsula fell under the domain of several different empires during its early years of settlement, including the Seleucid, the Parthians and the Sasanians.

In 628 AD, the population was introduced to Islam after Muhammad sent an envoy to Munzir ibn Sawa who was the Sasanid governor of Eastern Arabia.

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In 1916, Qatar became a British protectorate and Abdullah Al Thani signed a treaty stipulating that he could only cede territory to the British in return for protection from all aggression by sea and support in case of a land attack. During the 1950s and 1960s, increasing oil revenues brought prosperity, rapid immigration, substantial social progress, and the beginnings of the country's modern history.

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In addition to having common units, the business has two different classes of preferred shares; Legacy Reserves Series A (LGCYP) and Legacy Reserves Series B (LGCYO).

Both share types have an 8% distribution rate from the liquidation preference and both are considered fixed-to-floating rate cumulative redeemable perpetual preferred units.