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It is only after the marriage that the real picture begins to unfold.

One of the consequences of such fraudulent marriages is that the new bride is left behind in India after her husband leaves with the spoils of marriage and a promise to arrange for a spouse visa.

The prospective overseas groom holds out the lure of a better quality of life and enhanced social prestige to the bride’s family.

The latter falls only too willingly into the trap and is even ready to spend enormous amounts of money to sponsor the wedding and other dowry demands of the groom and his family.

The bride and her family keep waiting for the visa which never arrives and only later realization dawns that the whole show was a sham with the sole intention of extracting money from the bride’s family.

The worst part of the situation is that very often the bride’s family incur huge loans at exorbitant rates of interest or sell precious assets like land in order to meet the expenses of the wedding and dowry demands of the groom’s family.

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The ‘chat’ spans over multiple sessions, you may notice from the time-stamps. The name and place have been changed to maintain anonymity.

The mundane conversation started something like this: Neelam hi Me Hello Neelam, how r u? Also, some of the unrelated and ‘boring chat’ – as she calls it, have been removed, you can tell this from the gaps in the time-intervals.

Neelam what is this site about Me you can guess by the name – “The Indians abroad’ …………..

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