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Now you can guard your i Phone with X-treme protection against accidental drops, impacts and scratches without sacrificing looks or adding bulk! i Phone is a trademark of Apple Inc., registered in the U.

Nu Guard is a trademark of Newer Technology Inc., registered in the U.

With 64-bit processing, Open GL 3.0, a better camera, and the Touch ID fingerprint identity scanner, the i Phone 5s puts the future in the palm of your hands, today. Every leap forward in design, a follow up in performance, and optics, and special features. That was the story of the i Phone 3GS in 2009 with its speed doubling, video recording, and voice control.

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to activating the Webcams 42 times during a 14-month period, claiming that it did so only to track lost or stolen laptops.

But for anyone with a Webcam (and Webcams are now built in to many laptops and desktops), the question is whether you are vulnerable to having your Webcam remotely turned on.

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The 24-hour cam also captures the cleaning crew during off-hours, which isn't quite as fascinating, but might hit the voyeuristic note for some.