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has seen an even larger spike; its memberships were 22% higher in December than they were in the same period last year.Even more interesting, both e Harmony and reported especially high traffic on days when the Dow Jones Industrial Average plummeted."We had our third busiest weekend of the year following the five-year low in the stock market," said Mandy Ginsberg, general manager of North America.You won’t be able to settle for a nice box of chocolates this year – London is offering up a plethora of lovetastic events and activities for all you happy couples.Single and proudly declaring that you don’t care about Valentine’s Day yet secretly crying on the inside (just a little bit? Don’t worry – there are some great events happening for the singletons seeking that special someone, too.Who knows, maybe Cupid will shoot you with his arrow and you’ll be the one saying ‘Yes! So get ready for some lovin’ – here are some of our favourite Valentine’s Day events in London that are sure to ignite some flames in your love life.Get your glad rags on and boogie the night away at the 1920s inspired Valentine’s Day ball at The Candlelight Club.

With live jazz and vintage DJing to keep you dancing, there’ll also be cabaret and burlesque performances throughout the evening.With any ordinary person, it may be infuriating, waiting for them to rise up and do the things you want to do. A depressed person probably thinks they're the worst. The only reason anyone would want to be with them is because they feel bad for them. The research follows studies showing that people who respond negatively to stressful life events - interpreting them as the result of factors they can't change and as a reflection of their own shortcomings - are more vulnerable to depression.Calling all you lovebirds – the day to declare to the world that your schnookums/ pookiepie/ snufflewuff/ cuddlebun is the pearl in your oyster and the spring in your step is almost here.Whether you think it’s purely a Hallmark marketing scam or you’re currently making a heart-shaped photo frame out of macaroni and PVA glue for your beloved, spending Valentine’s Day in London is the ultimate romantic dream.