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plays around with themes of mental illness and trauma in a very schlocky manner, and the patience you might have for that will vary wildly from viewer to viewer.

But it’s the final minutes of the film that are sure to prompt the most head-scratching debate, as Kevin’s monstrous “beast” personality finally emerges and he begins rampaging around the city, able to crawl the walls and seemingly invulnerable to attack.

(Seven ) – The feelings for (name) From: Yoosung – Just look at me now.

, in 1999, turning a small-scale ghost story into a word-of-mouth smash hit that dominated the box office for an entire summer.

The camera then pans over to David Dunn (Bruce Willis), who grunts, “Mr.

(If you’d like to read more, theoretical physicist Kip Thorne has a whole chapter about this in his book is the geometric term for a four-dimensional cube.

We always think the same 🙂 (Yoosung ) – Send me more, more!

– A way of releasing anxiety From: Yoosung – You want me to become close to him?

He’s deployed it over and over throughout his career, to arguably diminishing returns, before dropping it entirely.

But recently, as he’s dipped back into the horror genre that put his name on the map, he’s brought back his favorite gimmick, and his new film has a final reveal that is too bonkers not to discuss—one that redefines the overall thrust of the film, and that ends up referring back to his larger oeuvre in an unconventional way.