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Follow the lanterns and the fireflies to the tower keep, where the traveler can rest from the harsh Skyrim environment.The keep has a dining hall, enchanting nook, and alchemy laboratory. The mod has no unique scripts and also doesn't require any DLC's to function.

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Wanna find all the hidden collectibles she has to offer?Well let me point them out on this here map for ye!(Note: This level has absolutely NOTHING to do with pirates) Start off the level with a nice, easy slide down a long vine.Avoid him for now and instead jump off the edge down into the abyss. Towards the top of the screen you’ll see a Snowmad sack. You should be able to see just the edge of the barrel.Don’t worry, there is a barrel cannon below to catch and launch you into a Remember that helmet wearing Penguin? Toss our unfortunate friend at it to break The next wave of barrel cannons is upon you. Then take the barrel closer to you (the one higher up).