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Did it ever occur to him that if he cancelled, I might want to make other plans?If you ask someone for dating advice, what you are told will often depend on your gender.Next, it presents an analysis of user behavior on one site in particular, which has more than 57,000 active users from the United States and Canada.A demographic description of the population is given, and then 250,000 messages exchanged by the active users over an eight-month period are analyzed.The women then rank their proposals, and offer a “maybe” to their most preferred suitor.

Well, I told her, Christians absolutely have the same right to date as anyone else, but we live by a different set of standards - God's Word - and we are bound by those standards.

By far the strongest predictor of messages received is the number of messages sent.

For men, age, educational level, and self-rated physical attractiveness are the next most important qualities.

An examination of which characteristics are "bounding" finds that life course attributes such as marital status and whether one wants children are most likely to be the same across the two users in a dyadic interaction.

To understand which characteristics are important to users in deciding whom to contact, regression models show the relative strength of a variety of attributes in predicting how many messages a user with those attributes will receive.